Sunday, July 13, 2008

The waiting is over

So we've been slapped with a one-year medical deferment by Peace Corps, we've appealed it, and have been awaiting the response. We figure, if the appeal fails, we'll go to teach English in Taiwan for a year, then we'll evaluate whether we still want to serve in PC. On the other hand, if the appeal succeeds and we get medical clearance, but they can't place us before the end of the year, then we can't wait at Mom and Dad's anymore, and we'll go teach English in Taiwan. So we have a Plan B in place.

Finally, last Friday we got our response. Instead of lifting the deferment, they decided to dismiss us completely. Do not pass Go. Do not serve your country.

Apparently, the appeal was a bad idea. We don't really understand how a one-year deferment can be reviewed and result in our being kicked out. But in this process we've learned that our understanding of it doesn't seem to be that relevant. Never mind, also, that this whole thing started because Keith forgot to check two boxes on an online application in 2006.

At least the waiting is over. I've enjoyed getting to know Keith's folks, but I'm looking forward to moving on. If anyone has any advice about teaching English...or living in Asia...or facing your friends and family after your grand plans have been trashed...feel free to send it.

We hope to leave in early August, but of course we still expect to have Internet access.


Anonymous said...

This same thing happened to me!!! 5 days before I was supposed to get on a plane to spend 2 yrs. in Africa...inevitably facing malaria and/or disentary and living in a grass hut with no water and little knowledge of the language etc....anyway. Yeah, "failure to disclose information" and poof -- I was fucked! Excuse my language, but it's the only word CLOSE to describing what the PC did to me and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that happened to.

Can you sue the government?!
I decided that would just cost me MORE time & money.

Thanx for listening.
Good luck in Taiwan.


Alexandria said...

Hey- I was just wondering what program youw ent with to taiwan- My husband and I are looking into something new! Thanks!